About time!

Hey, thought I might as well do an update.

For those that don’t know, the Portfolio page has been updated with a lot more work, and my About page has a few typos fixed.

I’d love to touch on the fact that I managed to obtain a PS4 devkit for a few months. It was one hell of an experience, one that I will not soon forget. I was able to be a part of Sony’s devnet, play work with the Phyre Engine, and even better, have a pretty well-experienced mentor. It was a lot of stressful work, but I adored it all. Unfortunately Uni work needed to take precedence, and I sadly had to return the devkit a few weeks ago.

None the less, that’s experience that’s going straight on my CV, and I cannot wait for it to be released! I’ll even get my name in the credits!

As for other work, I got to make a few Augmented Reality mobile apps, which was pretty mind blowing. I’m actually making one for a University project, so hopefully I’ll be able to have a sample on here at some point!

In any case, you can read mostly what I’ve done on the Portfolio page, for now I’m just looking very forward to graduating and actually doing work. I’m very fed up of Uni at this point! It feels like it’s holding me back for the very thing I’m there for.

I’ve got some pretty cool stuff lined up for the up-coming weeks, and fingers crossed I’ll have a few jobs lined up for when I graduate. The client I worked with for the PS4 was pleased with my work, and is interested in what I produce when I leave.

It’s all very scary!