I have work!

After releasing Flight, I was reconsidered for an appliedĀ job, and am pleased to announce that I’m now hired!

Not entirely sure what I can and can’t divulge yet, but I’m started on the 23rd of February, and in the process of moving. (Not enjoying that last bit so much).


Flight is released!

After a stupidly long time, I’ve finally finished Flight, which was previously known as Fly Away Home for the Ludum Dare 22 game jam, about 3 years ago or so.

I always wanted to port it to Android because I felt it would thrive there in terms of gameplay. My next goal now is to figure out how I’m going to get it on iOS, but I have a few plans.
There’s also a few features I’d like to implement, but I don’t want to make any promises. It took me long enough to make the game, who knows when I’ll actually add the new features.

In any case, the Flight is available on itch.io and Google Play store, please check it out or recommend it to a friend!

Hey, I even have a fancy widget: