My name is Chance Millar, and my Internet alias (or alter ego) is Valeour.

I am generally an upbeat, overly optimistic and honest person. (With a fondness for puns)

My work is as a programmer, through and through. I hugely enjoy video games, and so pairing them both, I now aspire to become a game developer. I’ve already had various bits of experience, but I’m now looking for a more permanent position. Recently, I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Computer Games Development.

I just want to make games, be it on my own, or in a small company.

Despite starting programming quite late in life compared to most inspiring programmers, I feel I am quite capable in my ability to write code and problem solve code.

I spend most of my time programming, reading articles, taking part in Game Jams, and my guilty time waster is socialising on Twitter.

On the side, I exercise by swimming, listen to fast, upbeat music, and watch the occasional anime, sit-coms and dramas.