Below you will find a list of work, skills and jams I have participated in. This page is not updated regularly, however you can find a more detailed and up-to-date portfolio on my LinkedIn page here.

Flight (Win/Android)
Originally a Ludum Dare game, Flight has since been recreated, renamed, and released. Check out the widget to find out more!

Skills (02/2014):
Unreleased Work:
Due to the game not yet being released, I cannot divulge too much information. But I worked for three to four months writing a customizable UI interface, loaded from XML  for an independent PS4 game, using the Phyre Engine.

Zero Dependency:
Created and maintained a high level networking interface for a game engine, using BSD sockets.
(I have received a Recommendation for this on my LinkedIn page.)

Cityscape Digital:
Created various augmented reality projects in Unity for tablets and phones. Three augmented reality apps, with varying levels of gameplay. (Throw planes at a planet, place post-it notes around cities.)
Learned how to use Unity with PHP and SQL to meet statistical requirements. (Saving data to a server)
A first person game which you explore a city, taking pictures, applying filters and leaving comments.

Work Avoidance Ltd:
Worked on a year long contract, using Visual Studio 2008, with the Visual Basic.NET language to create a map editing tool for a required game, as well as made small visual aesthetic changes to the actual game being developed. I received praise from my employer as well as customer.

Southampton Solent University – First Class Honours in Computer Games Development.

C++ (5-6 years experience, preferred language)
Java (3-4 years experience, also scored 100% in total for the University Java unit)
Visual Basic.net (7-8 years of experience, first language)
Unity and C# (1-2 years of experience, and multiple contract work.)
Capable in using and setting up (through firmware installs) a PS4 development kit, along with using Phyre Engine for PS4 game development.
Minor use of PHP and SQL.

Tools and Frameworks:
Large amount of experience in using most versions of Visual Studio.
Graphical/Game APIs: Allegro 5, SFML2, DirectX 11, libGDX, Swing, Cocos2d-x.
BSD Sockets and Winsock networking.
Have used Flashpunk engine.
JIRA and Confluence.
SVN, Git and Perforce.

Example of Works:
Allegro 5 based Lighting
Allegro 5 Particle System (Extra: 1/2/3)

Game Jams:
Ludum Dare 31 (72 hour jam): snow
Our Christmas themed game. We preferred this idea over the theme suggested, and decided to go through with it anyway.
We made this available on different platforms, and while the controls leave a bit to be desired, we were happy with what we had achieved. The game is cute, calming and enjoyable when you get the knack of it.
Ludum Link

Brains Eden 2013 (48 hour jam): The Pursuit Of Happiness
Worked as a small team of four, consisting of two Artists, and two Coders. Unfortunately my partner coder had to leave at the start of the second day for personal reasons, leaving myself to finish coding the game. (Which was hell, but I managed). Made in Unity.
The resulting game can be found here.

Dare to be Digital (2013):
Unfortunately, we did not make it to the event itself, however we did make it to the interview stage. The entry video can be found here.

Ludum Dare 22 (72 hour jam): Fly Away Home
My second attempt at an online jam, which resulted in a pleasant and some what well received game. Made in Allegro 5.
Ludum Link (old version) *NEW* Re-released as Flight, check out the link, or Projects section above!

Ludum Dare 23 (48 hour compo): Bamsquitch
My third attempt at Ludum Dare, resulted in a game that scored quite highly in total (145th out of 1072 games submitted). One of my currently proud achievements. Also did the art by myself too! Made in Allegro 5.
Ludum Link